Exhibit @ Habit Coffee


Habit Coffee Shop, located on Pandora, downtown Victoria is a local leader in green business practices.  They can boast a carbon neutral footprint since 2014.

I am very fortunate to be able to show my paintings in this cozy but awesome space.  The paintings will be hanging there for the next two months.  Please check out this great space.  Right next to Chinatown.



Hoffart Construction

Yes, it has been some time since I have posted on this, my art journal site.  I am still painting, drawing.  But haven’t created anything worth blogging about.  Til now.

I have finally finished a logo created for a very fine home building company.  I took far too long.  But as it wasn’t a professional job I let life and laziness get in the way.  No matter, it is done.  I like it and so does Hoffart Construction.

HC logo

HC truck


Thanks Susanne for your invaluable help.



Second annual art exhibit at Cumberland Lodge


We held the opening of the ‘Cumberland Lodge Painters Guild’ today in the sitting room.  It was a success all around.  The paintings looked very impressive – a year’s work, all on display.  The painters themselves (the ones that could attend) seemed very happy and proud.  I am happy they had a chance to see their work appreciated by the public.  Coffee, tea and fancy cakes brought the atmosphere up a notch.  A sophisticated show for some pretty classy people.


Wes, assessing his work


Meg, enjoying the show


Wes painting

Belfast and Beyond


It is not regular for me to have a personal view looking down on the clouds, their shadows on the ocean below.  I am familiar with images of all sorts but always from the safety of my own perspective.

David and I flew to Belfast for a three week stay with Naomi.  It was important for us to see her life in this new, illuminating perspective.  She lives just off Ormeau Rd., in a brownstone with four other young women, who are all volunteers for L’Arche Belfast.  Belfast is a large, lively and friendly city that is steeped in history.  The architecture, the roads, the picturesque countryside, along with a young population, multicultural, modern and diverse.

We rented a car for a week and the three of us did some touring around the Emerald Isle.  First we stayed in Cloughey, (a generous gift of four nights stay in a lovely cottage facing the Irish Sea).  Another stay in Glenties (in the county of Donegal), where they happened to be having a Fiddle Fest.  We also had a couple of nights in Downhill, on the northwest coast, looking out at the wild Atlantic.  David and I took a bus trip to Dublin and walked for hours in the downtown core,  Trinity College, Oscar Wilde’s memorial, etc.  During our three week visit, we ate in various interesting restaurants, cafes, pubs.  (Memorable Maryland Chicken!)  We saw many amazing sites that have stayed with me in my mind’s eye.  But truly it was, (isn’t it always?) the people.

The myriad of Naomi’s friends made us feel so welcome and at home.  The ideologies of L’Arche, of belonging and acceptance were very apparent in the welcome we received.  Her Root Soup friends fed us and included David and me in their celebrations.  Root Soup’s Allison (and Gerry) opened their home to us, making us comfortable in their cottage.  Naomi’s flat mates are all extraordinary, interesting and kind.  The L’Arche homes are warm, hospitable places.  Root Soup’s kitchen is inviting and delicious.  Bread and Banjo bakery is a cafe haven on a busy Ormeau street.  They serve scrumptious apple cinnamon scones and good Americano coffee.  (Why hasn’t Ireland discovered cream in their coffee?  Half and half?)


Naomi has friends in all the right places.  She greets the woman in need selling tabloids on the street.  She is comfortable, good friends with a very influential and powerful woman.  Who gets you to know yourself from the inside out.  On first meeting!  At the Highlander Hotel pub, (during the fiddle fest) I was struck by a small ink painting on the far wall.  I walked over to examine it.  I was astonished at the mastery and beauty of the portrait of a fiddler playing.  The perfect balance.  Lights to darks, loose and controlled use of the ink wash.  Delicate, sensitive treatment of the face …  When I asked at the front desk about the artist, the young lady said.  “Oh, she’ll be in here shortly.  She’s a fiddle player.”

As we drank our Guiness, enjoying the ‘Donegal style’ live fiddle music.  And the amiable table company of yet more fiddle players.  Naomi remarks, “Oh, there she is, the artist.  Susan Hughes.  I know her, she’s a friend of L’Arche.”

The Opening


The opening for the Cumberland Lodge Art Show went very well.  It was well attended by residents and staff.  I was happy but not surprised to see so many paintings sold.    They were going like hotcakes.  And possible commissions were discussed.  It was obvious that each painter (there were 7 in the group) has their own style.  Viewers seemed to be attracted to a particular painter – able to pick out their paintings from the large group of 69 works.

My painters did very well today with all the hustle and bustle and considering it was late in the afternoon.  Lenora was present.  Her eyes remained closed.  Though she insisted she was not tired.  Her eyes were most likely sore.  Rolf was present.  He seemed a little fatigued but had a few chuckles to give us.  Helen – present and looking beautiful in a deep blue dress and white beaded necklace.  She seemed a little put-out but gave me a very nice smile.  Kay was present and seemed to enjoy the social atmosphere and attention.  Millie was there.  She especially enjoyed the pamphlet.  There was her name, in print, in the list of artists.  I think Millie was pleased with the amount of attention and importance attributed to her and her fellow painters.  Well done!


Cumberland Lodge Art Show

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe opening for this show is this coming Thursday, Sept 26th, 2013.  From 1:30 to 3:30 pm.  The exhibit and opening are in the sitting room at Cumberland Lodge, Cumberland.  I am pleased and excited to show the paintings of my Cumberland Lodge painting group.  For the past year I have been painting with residents of the lodge who are suffering with dementia.  I am proud of the paintings and of the painters.  An enriching experience, to be close another, whose challenges in communication and movement don’t stop them from enjoying the experience of painting.  I hope the show is well attended.

Here is a list of the artists in the show and a little about their style:

Ignatz Hoffart
After a lifetime career as a mechanic, Iggy took up a paint brush instead of a wrench.  He wields the brush with confidence and boldness.  The colour green, a particular favourite of his, brings a sense of the freshness of spring to his work.

Mimi’s paintings communicate pleasure in the act of painting.  Consider the gentle curves and pastel colours.  The layered hues and clear brush strokes enable the viewer to vicariously participate in her painting process.

Lenora’s paintings reflect exploration in linear abstraction.  An appreciation for clear, precise geometric design is evident in her work.

Helen’s musical background influences and enriches her painting experience.  Humming and singing while she paints, Helen creates lyrical and peaceful compositions.

Rolf Ludvigson
Rolf creates crisp, bold marks in his paintings by careful brush manipulation.  The negative space take on an important role, enhanced by the abstract shapes and forms.  Rolf has expressed an interest in pursuing realism.

With a background in tole painting Millie shows a masterful handling of the paint brush.  Many of her paintings express a strong sense of mysterious space.  Her work is reminiscent of Mark Rothko (1903-1970).

Kay Watson
Employing short, brisk brush strokes, Kay’s paintings impart a sense of impressionism.  The soft blending of edges creates compositions suggestive of floral arrangements.